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Managing Power Platform Model Apps

When creating a model application for an organisation there are 2 configurations you can make to improve usability and security.

Firstly you can provide a custom suffix to make the application URL easier to remember. The demo application created below currently has a URL of https://<yourdomain>, which is very hard to remember, especially because of the guid. I will show you how to change it to https://<yourdomain> which is much friendlier and easier to remember.

Secondly, the list of applications can become overwhelming for some users, I will show you how to display applications to users based on their role. This makes the usability a lot nicer for end users.

Below are the steps and screenshots to set a suffix for a model application and set roles that can use a model application.

Step 1. Select the Model Application that you want to configure.

Step 2. Click on the ellipses and select manage roles.

Step 3. Click on App URL Suffix and enter a short easy to remember URL suffix for your application.

Step 4. The full URL will be generated below and can be copied.

Step 5. Click on the Roles tab/Expander.

Step 6. Select the roles that should be able to use the application.

Step 7. Click Save

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