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Enable Power Platform April 2020 Release Preview

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Want to check out the new features in the upcoming April 2020 Release? Then read the instructions below!

1. Navigate to the Power Platform Admin Center and select Environments ( This will open up the environments setting screen.

Navigate to Environment Settings of Target Environment
Navigate to Environment Settings of Target Environment

2. Click on the Manage button, located on the bottom right corner near the Updates section. A Updates pane will open on the left.

Locate the update section in the lower right area of the screen.
Locate the Updates Section
Locate the Manage button that allows update to the Power Platform to be installed.
Locate Mange button

3. Click the Update Now button. This update could take up to two hours and the target instance may have performance issues during this time.

Click the Update now button to install the April 2020 release into the target environment.
Click the Update now button

4. Enter the name of your environment in the dialog that is displayed. This is to ensure a production environment is not accidentally updated.

Confirm the update to ensure you do not update a production or important environment.
Confirm the update

5. Put your feet up and wait for the updates to install. The update progress can be monitored on the Environment Settings screen (under the updates section).

Monitor the update
Monitor the update

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