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Dynamics 365 CRM Auditing Randomly Stopped

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Recently I was reviewing a clients Dynamics CRM implementation, we discovered something quite disturbing, auditing on the Contact and Case entities had stopped and restarted a number of times and the auditing data (old and new values) were meaningless.

This was disturbing to the client because they could get into trouble if they cannot determine who changed certain fields, for legal and compliance reasons.

The Problem:

Auditing had stopped on the contact entity as per the below screen shot. Additionally no data is shown in the old and new value fields of audit records as per the below screen shot.

Auditing records not showing any data
Auditing records not showing any data

The Cause:

We raised the issue with Microsoft via Premier support, their response was this is a known issue and the auditing stopped every time the said entity was imported in a managed solution. Eg contact form updated are imported into the clients production instance in a managed solution.

Additionally Microsoft also explained this is a known issue with Dynamics CRM v8.2 and fixed with a weekly update and the issue seems to be reoccurring in version 9.x. Microsoft.

The Solution:

The good news is Microsoft can fix the auditing randomly stopped issue with a script, which identifies and corrects the auditing issue for all affected entities.

Leave a comment if this issue has happened to you as I am interested in how many other Dynamics CRM users have experienced this issue and how it was resolved and as always feel free to reach out if you need help on your current Dynamics CRM project. Either through the Contact Us form or the Live Chat.

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