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Dynamics CRM Advanced Find Renders Incorrectly

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

So I am stressed out tonight looking through process sessions log to diagnose an issue and my advanced find renders badly. Frustratingly this is the third time this year it has happened and right now its adding to my stress!!!!

Luckily I had a few websites related to this error in my history :), so 10 minutes of research was all I needed to find the solution.

The causes seems to be corrupt browser local cache and the fix is to execute localStorage.clear() in the console of the the browsers developer tool bar.

Advanced Find rendered incorrectly

Detailed steps and pictures are below for those who are less technical and require extra direction.

  1. Open Advanced Find

  2. On Advanced Find window press F12 to open the developer tool bar.

  3. Type localStorage.clear() in the console and press enter.

Type localStorage.clear() in the console to clear the local cache and fix the advanced find rendering

  1. Press F12 to close the developer tool bar.

  2. Press F5 to refresh the adavanced find screen.

  3. The advanced find should be rendered correctly now.

Advanced Find Rendered Correctly

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